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The University of Toronto Pre-Law Society is a student-administrated, campus-recognized organization committed to providing prospective law school students with information they need.

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U or T Oct 6
Letter from the President

Dear UTPLS members,

I can’t express how grateful I am to be representing the Pre-Law Society as the 2014-2015 President. When I started my undergrad at UofT, I am certain that I felt as uncertain as many of our first year members do. Becoming involved in an extra-curricular activity seemed like the most daunting task, especially when my readings and assignments were piling up. It was sometime late in my first year when I received a UTPLS newsletter advertising the mooting tournament, the Osgoode Cup, that I decided I would try and participate. A part from being terrified and baffled at the word “moot,” my partner and I managed to have one of the best days in our undergraduate careers. Unfortunately for our score however, we did not have beginner’s luck.

After three years of being involved with the UTPLS (and three years of mooting!), I am so pleased to be able to lead the executive council this year. I believe that being interested in law or pursuing a legal career is much more than just obtaining a post-graduate job. It is about being passionate and learning how to use a fundamental tool which governs our society. The law is something that I truly believe can be used to create a difference and I hope that the events we have this year will make others think so too.


Every year, the challenge of new and exciting events is one that we gladly make our priority. However this year, I believe the emphasis should be directed towards a different goal. After years of observing the successes and challenges of the UTPLS, I believe that a crucial concern should be to increase our sense of community. At a school as large as ours, it is easy to feel as though you are just a small fish in a very large and intelligent pond. This feeling can have deleterious consequences to your success and your overall school involvement. My mission this year will be to build a better sense of community within our society to ensure that no student is too intimidated to join or feels left behind. I know how challenging and discouraging preparing for law school can be but as the expression goes, “the darkest hour is just before the dawn.” As a community, we are that much more able to help each other and succeed together, even in times of hopelessness or darkness.


While we are concerned with helping students prepare for their LSATs and Law School applications, we also want to offer events that truly help students understand the direction law is taking within a broader context. We want to help students become involved in more than just academic studies. Our goals are quite large but the executive council this year is one of the best councils the UTPLS has ever seen. They are ambitious, hard-working, dedicated and inspired. I am fully confident that with their help, the UTPLS will be one of the best resources that students turn to in their preparation for a legal career.


I hope to meet and see all of you, prospective law students, at our events and celebrations this year!


With all of the sincerity I can express in words,
Angela Lepsa
UTPLS President 2014-2015